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Life Style

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Sophie Lowe

Head of Admissions



Here in Spain, everything seems much more laid-back and relaxed.  The Spanish day starts a little later than the UK, with most supermarkets not opening until 9 o´clock.  You will often find Spanish locals out enjoying a "morning coffee" around 12 o´clock and lunchtime is anything between 14:00 and 16:00.


The Spanish tend to have their main meal of the day at lunchtime, and it is an important part of the day. If Spanish families go out for lunch it tends to be long and chilled out, with no rush to vacate their tables at the end of the meal.  In local neighbourhoods many shops still shut at "siesta time" (more or less 14:00-17:30) although most supermarket chains and shopping centres now stay open all day.

The evening meal is generally eaten later than the UK, with it being common to eat between 20:30 and 22:30 and in fact if you go to a restaurant at what would be a ´normal´ time for the UK, you may well find you are the only one there.  Many restaurants do not serve evening meals until 8pm.

Children also stay up later than in the UK and it is common to see children playing out in parks until well after dark.  You can also find families out together in the evening until 22:00 or 23:00.  




Weekends & Free Time

Spanish families tend to be very close, and Spanish people spend a lot of time with their extended family.  Sport is also very popular and people make the most of the promenades all along the coast to go jogging, running, cycling, rollerblading and to use the outdoor exercise equipment.

In summer the most popular option is the beach, with many families taking gazebos, picnic tables, chairs, cool boxes etc and setting up camp there the whole day long.

In Málaga, like in most of Spain, people spend a lot of their time outside in the streets as the weather is generally nice.  Spanish people are naturally loud and animated when having conversations and it can seem at times as if they are shouting at each other, when really they are just busy catching up with each other´s latest news!

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